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Group Visit Rates

You receive 1 free adult chaperone for every 5 paying students.  Certified classroom teachers who attend the field trip with their class are free.
  • Basic Group Visit:

    • $5 per student

    • $5 per additional chaperone

Price is for 1 program per class – Additional programs can be added for $3 per student

Students per program Min:15/Max:25
All guests (2+) are required to wear masks

Mandatory Bus Loading and Unloading Location
Buses will load/unload along the north side of SR-46/3rd Street between Franklin Street and Washington Street.  Signage is in place restricting this section of SR-46/3rd Street to bus loading/unloading between 9 AM – 5 PM.  SR 46/3rd Street is one way heading West.

Please contact Reed Meece at 812.378.3046 ext.136 to schedule your group today!