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  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times (18 years or older).
  • Guests over 18 years old without a child will not be permitted general admission; however a tour may be given of kidscommons by a kidscommons employee (if staffing is available).
  • Food is not permitted in the museum (you can bring a water bottle)
  • Only service animals are allowed on kidscommons property.
  • Visitors may be photographed or filmed for the museum’s promotional purposes.
  • kidscommons does not permit smoking, vaping or any weapons/firearms on its premises.
  • Anyone with a temperature over 100.4F or are showing symptoms of illness are required to reschedule.
  • Shoes and Shirts are required
  • Everyone is expected to follow physical distancing guidelines and we will have signage reminding everyone to allow 6 feet of distance
  • Weapons, animals, and smoking are not permitted at kidscommons

Photography/Video Release Statement

Please be aware that as a visitor of kidscommons, employees of the museum may be at work capturing the museum’s educational activities via photograph and/or video, and using the captured media for promotional use.

As a visitor of kidscommons, you allow unlimited right to take, use, and publish any photographs and/or videos captured of you and your family. This may include (but is not limited to): publications, social media, website, and other promotional materials of any form. You also give permission to alter and copyright these photographs and/or videos without limitation.

By admission into kidscommons, you acknowledge that you and your family members will not receive any sort of compensation associated with the taking or publication of photographs and/or videos taken of you and your family. You also acknowledge and agree to publication or use of these photos and/or videos, and agree that use of these photographs and/or videos gives no ownership or royalties rights in any form.

By visiting kidscommons, you release kidscommons  and anyone associated with kidscommons from any liability of the claims made by you or any third party related to your participation at the museum.