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Coming Soon!

We are thrilled to share with you that 2020 will be a year of growth and exciting changes for kidscommons. In early 2020, we will launch a complete third floor renovation. The third floor will become camp kidscommons. Our new exhibit will be focused on exploring the third floor.

As we enter camp kidscommons we hear the sound of running water as we take in the vista in front of us. The path opens to reveal a space full of discovery. Ahead we see a forest canopy to be explored.


Our new exhibit, camp kidscommons, will open the door for endless possibilities of exploration and education for children. With your support, kidscommons will continue to create unforgettable family memories and offer lifelong learning experiences for generations to come.

Want to learn more about this new exhibit? Contact us today!

Ben Wagner
Executive Director
812.378.3046 ext.123

For additional details on camp kidscommons, click HERE!

kidscommons will be closed January 18 & 19 for exhibit installation