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Summer Camps




Call kidscommons today, 812.378.3046, to register for camp.

** Register for more than one camp per family and receive a $5.00 discount per camp. **


Scholarships:  Limited scholarships are available for kidscommons camps. For additional information, call 812.378.3046 or stop by the museum.


Payment due at time of registration.

Photos will be taken in camp by marketing for marketing purposes. For any questions or concerns, please contact the educator prior to the camp.

Refund Policy:
  1. kidscommons reserves the right to cancel any camp which fails to meet the required minimum participation. Full refunds will be issued in such instances.
  2. If a child withdraws from a camp by the registration deadline, kidscommons will refund the camp fee minus $25.00 for processing.
  3. No refunds will be given if the child is withdrawn from a camp after the registration deadline

Admission is 1/2 off after 3:30 PM Tues-Fri on BCSC School Days!Admission
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